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Repair Device Now

How it works?

Step 1

We first need to determine the problem with your device. How is it functioning differently than it was before your issues? The best way we can provide you with an accurate quote on your repair is having the most detailed information about your device state and its history. Visit our contact page and contact us using one of our various methods.

Step 2

We reach back out to you with a quote right away and have you choose from our various repair routes such as having your device picked up, repaired on location, in store or mailed in. We offer not only the best quality, but amazing first tier service and support.

Step 3

Once the device arrives, we diagnose the problem, according to the issues you described if the problem is different than described we simply reach back out to you with more details on how different and or difficult the new problem is and how long it’ll take to complete along with probable quote changes if necessary.

Step 4

Once everything is complete we will contact you for the payment and you will receive your device back by either mail or pickup. The repairs are covered always by our 90 day warranty.

Leading Techniques and Equipments

At Kccs Tech we have the leading techniques and technology to tackle your daily device repair needs. We have exceptional mobile phone technicians these are the people other shops outsource their customers when they are in trouble. We truly have confidence in our ability to do the job right the first time this is why customer satisfaction, fast repairs, low prices, industry leading techniques and guaranteed warranties are our model. We trust in our skills so we are willing to guarantee warranty on our repairs.

Why Choose Us?

Kccs Tech offers the best pricing while also willing to go the extra mile to beat our competitors. We value our customers more than anything which is why our technicians are always training themselves to be better with current leading techniques while working to bring forward new ones. We can guarantee our performance on every mobile phone repair in-house and we are very proud of that.

Kccs Tech Model:
  • Best Pricing

    We believe in low pricing not because we want to beat all competitions. We are very experienced so the time it takes to fix a phone is less than the average.

  • Leading techniques/Equipments

    At Kccs Tech we are always researching the latest industry techniques on device repair to keep ourselves up to date and sometimes we even invent new ones.

  • Warranty

    We always offer a warranty on every part and repair. We trust in our ability and in turn willing to provide a warranty on anything that leaves Kccs Tech.

Contact Us Now

Repair Now

Contact us now to repair your device as soon as we receive it. We repair devices in the fashion of first come first serve, unless it was prioritized. You can email, call(646-975-9555) or send a message on the contact us page. Any other questions regarding repairs you can also use the same contact methods.

Mail In Repair

Can't travel to our location? Don't worry! You can mail in your device and have us repair it, just contact us before hand. We will then provide all information required.


In our online store we currently offer phone parts for sale, such as Apple screens, Samsung screens and we offer both aftermarket and OEM. We sell accessories, machines and other repairs tools that we use ourselves.

LCD BuyBack

Kccs Tech offers competitive pricing for our screen refurbishing services. We refurbish Apple and Samsung screens currently, if you have other inquiries just contact us. Click here for more information.

Screen Refurbish

Kccs Tech offers competitive pricing for our screen refurbishing services. We refurbish Apple and Samsung screens currently, if you have other inquiries just contact us. Click here for more informations.


We try our best to make DIY (Do it yourself) youtube videos to show our viewers and customers how to repair their devices at home, but we also make plenty of blogs for that purpose as well. Maybe this way you can understand a little more about the repair world. This in turn helps us to reinforce, "The Right To Repair" Act