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iPhone 7P Error 4013

In this blog, we will be going the Apple 7P Error 4013 fault repair ideas and testing process. These symptoms include boot white apple logo, repeated restart, can't enter the system normally, and the machine is giving off error 4013 code.

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iPhone repair, microsoldering

iPhone repair business tutorial series

In the coming weeks or even months, I will be concentrating on writing blogs in regards to mobile phone repairs. It will be super beneficial to repair shop owners or future repair shop owners. Even if your an independent repair at your own home, it would still benefit you as well. We will be going over the business aspect of repair shops and also technical skills. Such as micro soldering, replacement parts, looking out for scams, what tools are good to use and etc. Basically, it will be a series of blogs giving a lot of information to the repair community.
Also thanks to Mr.Liu for partnering with us and help with the series.

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iPhone repair

14 iPhone 7 logic board symptoms with solutions

This blog will be going over 14 iPhone 7 logic board symptoms and their possible solutions. I say possibly because this blog will be going over micro soldering with the logic board. These are advanced techniques that can be used to debug your iPhone issues and it's recommended only for iPhone repair shops or people wanting to get into that business.

We partnered up with to write this blog. Mr.Liu has been in the repair business for over 20 years with experience working in Huawei.

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VoIP phones

The Power of VoIP

VoIP has been the adaption for many businesses throughout the years. It's the go-to standard for voice communication, video conference and the likes. Many telecommunication providers are slowly stopping their service for landline due to the power of VoIP. It's low cost, effective, and a lot more functionality than a PSTN landline connection. In this blog, we will go over many aspects of VoIP.

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standard business computers

Standard Business Computers

When you open a business or planning to spend a small annual budget to upgrade your computers you most likely have come across on deciding what computers you should get. This blog will go over most of these concerns and will give our best recommendation.

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