iPhone repair business tutorial series

iPhone repair, microsoldering

In the coming weeks or even months, I will be concentrating on writing blogs in regards to mobile phone repairs. It will be super beneficial to repair shop owners or future repair shop owners. Even if your an independent repair at your own home, it would still benefit you as well. We will be going over the business aspect of repair shops and also technical skills. Such as micro soldering, replacement parts, looking out for scams, what tools are good to use and etc. Basically, it will be a series of blogs giving a lot of information to the repair community.
Also thanks to www.newyorkliu.com Mr.Liu for partnering with us and help with the series.

Starting an iPhone repair shop looks difficult and intriguing for beginners. But let’s not think about micro soldering and other tasks that may look difficult for now. In this blog, we will be going over the things you need and what you should do when starting your own iPhone repair business.

Storefront or no storefront? My answer would be based on your skill level because many customers who come into your store are for part replacements but what if the customer’s phone requires some type of micro-soldering on the logic board? So usually I recommend people to start out in their own homes, get a few phones from family and friends that requires some part replacement and start from there. Word to mouth and social media is great for this. A storefront will only put you on the map but does not guarantee you, customers, if they don’t know you exist or locals can’t see your storefront there is no point. So some sort of word to mouth and marketing will be required for both scenarios.

The second thing I want to go over is where else can you find business if there isn’t much family and friends that require part replacement? For this, I recommend going over to Craigslist, eBay, and facebook like social media. Just post your skill set there and start from there. But there’s actually one secret I don’t see a lot of others mentioning. What about factory work and business to business? I have had shop owner friends where they start taking in orders from factories and business to business shop owners. These are usually very cheap labor and you would make very little. But it’s a good starting point to build up your connections, experience and skills. For example, you can charge another shop or factory for replacing batches of screens for 40 bucks a piece when the overall market is charging 80 bucks. This is not downplaying yourself, this is smart for this business because when you go from home store to a real store, after replacing parts for so many times, you can out compete your competitors by advertising your time it takes to replace a part. Your local competitor can take 30 minutes to replace a screen, whereas you take 10 minutes, where do you think most customer would go to? Part replacement stores should always focus on speed.

When starting don’t expect good business right away, concentrate on each individual customers first. Make sure they give you some feedback and vouch for future references. It’s going to be a rough ride because of your not the only business in town repairing. Just keep at it and improve your skill set from replacing parts to logic board repair. Either from self-teaching or paid training.

The next blog we will be going on the actual repairs and what tools you will need. Then we will go over step by step what you should practice and concentrate on first when starting out.

Posted on: Aug. 17, 2018, 2:27 a.m.