Standard Business Computers

standard business computers

When you open a business or planning to spend a small annual budget to upgrade your computers you most likely have come across on deciding what computers you should get. This blog will go over most of these concerns and will give our best recommendation.

Standard business computers

In your typical office settings or small business settings, your network should have all of the same types of computers. I say this because I know the pain it can be for IT personnel who get a call to visit a location with 10 different types of computers as in hardware operating systems and such. This is very bad for IT personnel because different operating systems behave differently and require different tools, skills, software to diagnose a problem. For example, your business witness the first ever malware and to get rid of the malware it will require you to completely wipe every system in the office. If they are the same types of computers, you can actually do this in a timely matter, by deploying an image over the network to all these computers or clone them over the network with one copy of the computer. This will take a few hours to accomplish whereas you wipe and install the operating systems each and individually on every single computer. This would take at least a day plus install the proper software required for your business. But if you deploy or clone over the network you can actually deploy or clone the image with the software already installed. Which saves time to install the software after the operating system. Another example would be many times when a business requires a specific software to conduct day to day tasks, if you have different operating systems this will affect your operation when the software has issues. Because the software can have issues on a Mac operating system but not Windows.

Don't focus too much on the price of the computers

Why shouldn't companies focus on the price of computers when deciding to buy them? They shouldn't because most of the time you will get what you pay for. Which would require constant IT support and the cost of the IT support would reflect on the price of the cheap computers you purchased.

Focus on the durability, warranty and support

When purchasing your business computers, focus on the durability as in, is this computer able to run 24/7, can it last for 3-5 years(If they are not under warranty). The Second thing to focus on is warranty, does it come with a free warranty or do you have to purchase? Many times computers should come with a 1 year warranty for free, but usually, I recommend clients to buy up to 3 years of warranty. Reason being is every 3-5 years these computer makers would release newer models that can serve your business better, so even if it breaks after the third year, the best thing to do would be to replace it. However, if it breaks before the warranty expires you can send it into the manufacturer and have it replaced. But if you don't have a warranty and it breaks, you might have to completely repurchase one or have it diagnosed by an IT personnel which can cost you money relatively close to as purchasing a warranty at the beginning. The third focus is support, does the company where you're purchasing the computers from offer support whenever you need or do they only offer support for the product for a certain period of time after purchase. This is very important because if they offer support up to the warranty deadline or whenever you need it. Then you don't need to contact a third party IT company.


For day to day operations in an office setting, I recommend Windows operating system. The computers I recommend would be from Dell and the models I recommend is OptiPlex in a Micro format or all-in-one format.
1.The micro version is a small little tower which is best to place on the desk with a monitor above or behind the monitor as such.
dell micro tower with a monitor
Which is perfect for an office setting and require little space. The exact model we recommend would be,OptiPlex 3050 this is great for the price the cost would be around Price:500 dollars for a great processor CPU:I5 7th generation, Operating System:Windows 10 which is a must, Storage:500GB HDD or 128 SSD, and Ram:8 GB. GPU does not really matter in an office setting. Unless your doing some graphically or computationally which then would require a decent GPU. However, this is a great price for the specs your buying. Also you can add warranty, business support and etc. But the," 3 Years Hardware Service with Onsite/In-Home Service After Remote Diagnosis" is completely included in the price of 500 usd. This also is good for conference rooms, you can connect this easily to a TV and mount this on the wall.
2.The next recommendation would be the Dell Optiplex 3050 All-in-one computer. Which looks like this
dell micro tower with a monitor
This is also a perfect buy for office or home setting. It's one computer that stores all the hardware, no tower is needed. Also, this can be mounted on a wall if you prefer that. For a Price:800 dollars you get CPU:I5 7th generation, Storage:500GB HDD and Ram:8 GB with Operating System:Windows 10, GPU does not really matter in an office setting. Unless your doing some graphically or computationally which then would require a decent GPU. The computer comes with the same 3 year warranty included. If your a company with a higher budget these are a great buy. All the hardwares are modern and pretty up to date for an office setting.

Posted on: July 7, 2018, 12:51 a.m.