Screen Refurbish


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Model Price
iPhone 5 $13
iPhone 6 $13
iPhone 6P $15
iPhone 6S $13
iPhone 6SP $18
iPhone 7 $15
iPhone 7P $22
iPhone 8 $15
iPhone 8P $22
iPhone X $85
iPhone XS $110
iPhone XS Max $130
Other models/brand Contact us for more information
Model Price
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 $20
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 $30
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 $45
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 $85
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 $120
Samsung Galaxy S5 $20
Samsung Galaxy S6 $30
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge $50
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus $55
Samsung Galaxy S7 $45
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge $55
Samsung Galaxy S8 $70
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus $80
Samsung Galaxy S9 $100
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus $105
Other models/brand Contact us for more information
Model Price
iPad Mini 4 $55
iPad Air 2 $60
iPad Pro 9.7 $75
iPad 12.9 1st Gen $100
iPad 12.9 2nd Gen $220
iPad Pro 10.5 $100
Other models/brand Contact us for more information
Model Price
iWatch Series 1 $40
iWatch Series 2 $80
iWatch Series 3 $90
iWatch Series 4 Call for quote
Other models/brand Contact us for more information

*Pricing is subject to change due to bulk or small quantity

Refurbishing Policy

Screens we do not service

  • Defective touch
  • Copy/Aftermarket
  • Broken LCD/OLED

Screens we love to service

  • 100% functional touch
  • Original LCD/OLED
  • Working digitalizer

Upon receiving your screens...


  1. We will count the screens we received
  2. Test if it has working touch
  3. See if LCD/OLED is broken


  1. Verify number of screens received
  2. Verify number of working screens
  3. Verify number of screens we can refurbish


  1. We will send an invoice of screens we are going to service

  • Location Repair

  • Need a location to repair your device? Contact us as soon as possible.

  • Pick-up Service

  • Need a pick up service? We can come to you and have your device picked up or have it repaired on site.

  • Mail-In

  • Not close to us? Don't stress it! You can mail in your device and we will follow up the journey with you all the way.


Q: Do you guys offer pickup services, drop off, mail-in and location repairs?

A: Yes, we offer them all. It's best you schedule your appointment ahead by email, phone call or online contact form.

Q: Do you repair all types of phones?

A: Yes, even for phones we do not list on this website we try our best to help our customers.

Q: Do you offer any type of warranty on your repairs?

A: Yes, we offer warranties ranging from 60-180 days. We tell you the warranty before repairing and aftering repairing.

Q: What are the turnaround times?

A: Turnaround time depend on your location and service required. But usually same day turnaround for most repairs.

Q: Do you use original parts, OEM or aftermarket?

A: We use all three type of parts, depend on customer budget and request. But our parts are thorougly tested and with warranty.

Q: What is your Mail-In repair address?

A: Mail it to: Contact us for the mail-in address

Q: Do you need my charger?

A: Yes, please send charger with device.

Q: Do you need my pass code?

A: Yes, we need your passcode in order to thoroughly check everything inside the system

Q: Are my information and data confidential?

A: Yes, they are kept privately and never shared. If customer is uncomfortable giving away passcode, we can always try our best to repair with out. But it will reduce our ability to test thoroughly.

Q: My phone dropped in water or other type of liquid, what should I do?

A: DO NOT TURN ON OR CHARGE THE PHONE. Call us a call ASAP and we will take care of it.

Q: My phone dropped in water, should I let it dry or sit in rice?

A: No, let a professional help you fix it.

Q: How long does water damage phone take to repair?

A: It totally depends on the damage, but it shouldn't be longer than 7 business days.

Q: Do you offer warranty on water damaged phone?

A: No, unfortunately due to water damaged device having uncertain outcomes, we cannot offer warranty.

Q: What if you can't fix my water damaged device?

A: If we can't fix it, you will be notified of options. Either we return the phone with no charge or we can offer to recycle it.

Q: My phone screen is unresponsive to touch, does glass repair fix this?

A: Yes, glass replacement for most screens should fix this issue. Glass and digitizer is connected together, usually replacing this will help.

Q: When do I need my LCD replaced?

A: If your LCD has black or white spots, lines and burn in. Then you need a LCD replacement.