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IT Consultant

Network, computer, phone, cabling, and any other managed IT solution you need.


1. Startup Business- Startup company looking for IT consultant or a team to build your structure.

2. Outdated IT Infrastructure- Looking to upgrade your slow and outdated infrastructure.

3. Relocate- Relocating your business to another location? We can help relocate the IT infrastructure as well and make sure it's ready to go in the new location.

Cabling installation or cleanup

Location wide cabling and equipment setup to provide a functional business or home

Cat 5 and 6 cables

1. Business- Cat5/Cat6 cable installation with patch panel.

2. Home or home office- Cat5/Cat6 installation with patch panel or single cables running from end points.

3. Server room/Cabinet- Server room or network cabinet looking like a mess? Upcoming audit from the government? We can polish your cabinet and server room to look very clean and professional. All cables will be straighten out and zip tied. They will be wired accordingly through the room. If we have to go an extra step we will take the extra steps in making sure the whole location is done correctly.

Home/Business Network Infrastructure

Full network installation/setup

data center network

1. Business- Proper installation of server room and network.

2. Home or home office- Proper installation of home network in a small cabinet or client preferred.

For the network setup, we first contact your local ISP(internet service provider) and get the best possible price for your internet service. If need fax or VoIP phones we can add those in as well. Devices we usually use to conduct a full network setup would be an ISP modem from the ISP, a physical firewall, a managed switch, and if needed we put in routers. But all these depend on the client's need and we will conduct the setup accordingly and at low budget.

Security Camera/Smart Home Devices Installation

Secure your business or home with security cameras and smart home devices.

security camera image

The cameras and setup depend on your budget. But as recommended we will always recommend cameras with NVRs that are POE(Power Over Ethernet).

1. Business- Security camera installation with DVR or NVR, client's choice and budget will be match accordingly.

2. Home or home office- Security camera installation with DVR or NVR, client's choice and budget will be match accordingly. We can also installation smart home devices like Alexa , smart doorbell, smart doorlock and etc..

Additional services

Wall mount for home or office settings i.e. conference rooms

Credit card machines for your front desk payments.

iphone tablet computer hands

1. Home setting- Wall mount TV for home setting
2. Business/Office setting- Wall mount TV or computer monitor for office or conference room settings.
3. Credit Card Machines- We can install credit machines and offer support for it. Many business run without one, but with an experienced team you can very likely get much more customer if you have this machine in your front desk.
4. Point of Sale system- We also offer PoS system installation, but we service the more modern ones.